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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems


  • Is responsible for all purchasing activities related to the program.
  • Is responsible for the Quality, Cost, Timing of suppliers free sourced on his project.
  • Is responsible with the commodity buyer for sourcing activity.
  • Is responsible for the purchasing budget (hours & money) allocated for the project.
  • Is in charge to manage closed purchase order for his project and to follow payment schedule.
  • Is responsible for the non-event launch related to supplier.


Sourcing process:

  • In the respect of the purchasing policy, he/she establishes the supplier short list for the project with the commodity buyers.
  • Gathers all key information for complex RFQ and identifies the market constraints, the targets, the time schedule for each activity.
  • Negotiates according to the quality, cost and deadline project’s targets.

Ordering and payment :

  • Manages purchase request and purchase order related to his project.
  • Follows payment schedule to suppliers.

Coordination & tracking:

  • Identifies the project’s risks and opportunities, to plan each activity, to coordinate them internally & externally and to track them up to final realization.

Supplier quality & non-event launch:

  • Participates to Supplier APQP project plan definition and follow-up (lead by the Supply Engineer).
  • Supports Supplier engineer on major road block related to Supplier APQP.
  • Implements Tier 2 readiness process with objective of non-event launch related to suppliers.

Project Management :

  • Leads functionally the extended team activity for his /her project.
  • Prepares project status (RPM document) for his manager who attends milestones reviews.

Budget management:

  • Validates at the beginning of the project provisional budget (hours and cost) is in accordance to initial project perimeter and project objectives.
  • Proposes adjustments and modifications link to perimeter evolution during project life time
  • Insures the follow up of hour’s budget of project and alerts in case of gap
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