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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems
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The Plant Manager is responsible for the administration of both technical and administrative activities related to the production of Fuel Systems: quality, deliveries, customer satisfaction, safety, health and environment, human resources, manufacturing and engineering processes; Production program, supply chain, purchasing and finance. This includes the responsibility for planning, management, coaching, development, implementation, measurement, analysis, profitability and efficiency. The Plant Manager represents Plastic Omnium Auto Inergy Industrial within the Mexico Region and is responsible for compliance with local legal regulations.< < < < <

Primary Responsibilities< < < < <

Define the strategy for the operation.< <

  • To stablish the departmental budget, goals, objectives and indicators and relate them with the global objectives, such as: Security, productivity, efficiency, quality and profitability and environment.<
  • To stablish the plant budget, goals, objectives and indicators and relate them with the global objectives, such as: Safety, productivity, efficiency, quality, profitability and environment.<
  • To plan and direct all plant activities, making sure that all products are of the highest quality and deliver right on time to the client, at the lowest cost< <

    Promote a safety culture and avoid an impact to the environment: < <

  • To maintain the equipment and the facilities in excellent security and functionality conditions<
  • To develop and maintain a healthy working atmosphere.<
  • Leading the policy of EHS and ensure that is aligned to the corporate objectives.<
  • Review periodically the development and maintenance of SAMASS to ensure the continuous improvement in the environment, safety and health performance.<
  • Established the objectives  and goals about environment according the legal and corporate requirements<
  • To develop and maintain internal restraints in order to ensure local, state and federal regulations applicable.< <

    Promote continuous improvement: < <

  • To lead POMS and excellence manufacturing, as well as corrective activities through participation and training of the working team.  < <

    Comply with corporate requirements: < <

  • To assure CQA calendar activities.<
  • To satisfy the Code of Conduct of AUTO INERGY, as well as following the rules, procedures and any policy that applies in the plant.<
  • To guarantee the operation of quality and the environment systems, according to the required standards, enunciatively but not limitative: IATF16949, ISO14001, OHSAS 18001, etc.<
  • To promote discipline and consistency of business, as well as the measure of processes in order to guarantee the tracking, accomplishment and improvement of the financial performance indicators.<
  • To develop and maintain positive and effective relationships between workers and the community.
  • People Development:

    • To develop, facilitate and maintain a training plan for all workers, including succession plans.
    • To give coaching, mentoring and personal development to any position that requires it.
    • Scorecard de la planta Puebla.

    Those generated by G__M-QUA-0001 - Quality Policy Manual and PUE_M-MASS-0001 Manual of the Environmental, Health and Safety Administration System.<


    The position has authority to stop the processes if there is any activity that puts at risk the physical integrity of a collaborator and the risk of producing or shipping nonconforming product. Similarly, it has the authority to stop shipments if there is a non-compliant product or risk of shipping non-conforming or suspect product<

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