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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

1. Coordinate, supervise and train your personnel in the manual and machine processes for the assembly of parts, as well as the knowledge of the components to be assembled and the quality required by the customer to ensure compliance with the demand and contribute to the good functioning of the Plant. 2. Supervise the conditions of cleaning, order and safety of machines, equipment and assigned areas in your production unit or area. 3. Elaborate and follow up until the closing of work orders for maintenance. 4. Supervise and coordinate the necessary maintenance plans for the machines that correspond to your unit to avoid line stops and ensure their correct and optimal operation 5. Supervise compliance with the instructions and procedures established for the areas of work, contribute to the improvement and creation of new procedures. Follow-up on process audits compliance (verification of parts, devices, equipment, startup validations, Layered Process Audit, etc.). 6. Take the necessary actions in case of receiving parts with defects or failures during the assembly process, proposing solutions to avoid the recurrence of problems. 7. Participate in coordination with Human Resources in the Training and the evaluation to the personnel in charge 8. Supervise the preparation of statistical reports on the behavior of the process, analyzing the level of production compliance, scrap, rejections and / or internal or customer complaints, etc. proposing alternatives for its improvement. 9. Conduct periodic meetings (daily, weekly and monthly) with the staff in charge of the review of indicators and Action Plans. 10. It has the responsibility and authority to initiate corrective actions and if necessary to stop the production in order to correct problems related to quality. 11. Ensure compliance with ISO TS 16949 procedures that apply to their work 12. Comply with the activities required to comply with the OSHAS 18001 standard for the position 13. Comply with the activities for compliance with ISO 14001 required for the position. 14. Meet the division-level requirements required for the position. 15. You have the responsibility and authority to stop any unsafe activity or condition and report to your immediate boss in order to prevent accidents, negative impacts on the environment and / or violate plant

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