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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

• Develop production plans in conjunction with the plant management. • Define and establish functions and responsibilities, goals and objectives, as well as the evaluation of the performance of the personnel under their responsibility. • Provide guidelines and facilities for the technical and administrative growth of the staff under their charge. • Power to make decisions directly related to productivity, quality and impact on plant capacity. • Establish a general structure of meetings and means of communication for the evaluation of the results of the group in general of painting in all its dimensions. • Promote the enthusiasm and participation of the painting staff. • Establish and control the budget and general expenditure of paint derived from the general business plan of the plant. • Define and verify compliance with the training and vacation program of the personnel directly dependent on him. • Verify that the activities for the fulfillment of those related to occupational health and protection of the environment in the paint area are developed and complied with. • Verify that your personnel establish the action plans necessary to maintain the results defined by the general objectives of the paint management. • Inform the plant management on the required frequency of the operation results of each indicator. • Verify compliance with the activities for the implementation of the plant's objectives in terms of environmental protection, compliance with government operating regulations and plant quality standards. • Participate in plans to increase plant capacity in conjunction with the plant management and the departments involved. • Verify that the personnel's performance is within the defined <

• Promote continuous improvement in the plant. • Domain of SAP transactions and knowledge of SQP System (see SAP transactions matrix). • Interaction with the other managements of the plant for the evaluation of integral results and definition of necessary actions to cover contingencies or deviations in the process in general. Document internal audits according to the established calendar. • Confirm compliance and effectiveness of corrective actions taken in previous discrepancies. • Follow up on the activities of the environmental program. • Support the environmental committee and auditors. • Participate with different areas of the company for the proper functioning of SIGA. • Evaluate and monitor the work of the committee and groups of the organization, and provide corrective actions if necessary. • Report the results of audits according to the procedure.<

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