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DIVISION Clean Energy Systems


- Link between Project Team & Production Plant ESA (Represents the project team at the plant and the plant at the project team).
- Its mission is to define, to create, and deliver on time a capable process, to optimize overall costs and achieve quality goals



        Main tasks:

- Monitor milestones, budgets, resources and evaluate independently possible project risks
- Exchanges information with all departments of the plant, all project team and all Plastic Omnium sites
- Keep a constant contact, information flow between the factory and the project team.
- Respect INPRO process (RASIC) as well as all POAI standard / requirements at the IND department (process flow, layout, VSM, time studies, ergonomics, ..).
- Inform and coordinate the trials (project planning) with the plant, and also possible planning modification.
- Inform the project team about difficulty, status regarding trial on running, status regarding installations (machine, modification)
- Create with the IE of the project machine specification or check machine specification (matching with the standard and the requirements of the factory).
- Track machine creation (requirements, delivery time, safety, ..); with the IE of the project accept this machine/modification and release it for production in name of the plant.
- Track ramp-up costs, document this, inform the team and implement measures as needed to resolve wrong result.
- Try Preparation (make sure all resources are available).

Secondary tasks:

- Industrialization (plant layout creation, plant planning, etc.).

- Experience in the automotive environment is desirable
- High level of teamwork, communication skills and sense of responsibility
- Good knowledge of MS-Office products
- English fluently and minimum basic knowledge of German

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