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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

* IPI and/or main deliverables * Ensures that all injection means are kept in a functional and safe condition by dealing with predictive, preventive and curative maintenance. * Works in 3 shifts or on WE shift. * On-call duty * MTTB (Mean time to Breakdown) * MTBR (Mean time between repair) * Assembly Scrap, Tool Changeover Time and Cycle Time Reduction<



* Works according to HSE requirements.<

* Plans and carries out preventive maintenance of machinery, systems and utility services.<

* Repairs efficiently auxiliaries during downtime.<

* Supervises external companies providing contract maintenance and repair.<

* Seeks constant reduction of unscheduled machinery and equipment downtime.<

* Focuses on Machines availability.<

* Participates in continuous improvement processes and activities.<

* Retains and Update maintenance documentation available and updated.<

* Retains and Maintain document stocks of necessary spare parts for assembly line.<

* Supports level 1 and Level 2 maintenance training.<

* Is responsible for tidiness of his/her work area (5 S).<


During the Greenfield:<


* Actively participates in all the training (in-house, provided by equipment supplier).<


During the OPTIPRO/OPTIMAP/transfer projects:<


* Implements all procedures in line with POMS and best practice.<

* Actively participates in all the training (in-house, provided by equipment supplier).<

* Participates in fine tuning and final setting of the equipment.<

* Participates in assembly maintenance area set up and follow up installation of small CAPEX related to<

this area.<

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