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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems
  • Follows up design and realization of assembly equipment (serial or prototyping) according to customer requirements, project specifications (costs, timing, quality), assembly standards/best practices and HSE/ergonomics requirements.
  • Ensures proper equipment handover to the plant (performance convergence, training for plant team)
  • Participates in technical knowledge improvement of assembly technologies and in lessons learnt for projects under his/her responsibility.
  • Follows HSE and ergonomics standards and rules
  • Participates in the conception of the assembly process and equipment with other members of Project Management Team members.
  • Establishes technical and economic analysis of suppliers’ offers, together with purchasing department, in order to select the best solution,
  • Follows up the Design and the realization of assembly equipment including:
    • Realizes  functional specifications regarding project elements and standard elements,
    • Validates equipment study (Including supervision of FMEA), ergonomics study and the choice of possible solutions
    • Updates/adapts former feasibility study and technical choices if needed (Perimeter changes)
    • Validates equipment in supplier workshop, fine tune the equipment in the plant and ensure smooth transfer to plant team
    • Ensures the tuning of the equipment is properly done
    • Validates necessary documentation for each equipment,
    • Analyses results of actions plan, of validation plan and risk plans


  • Participates in capability validation for each equipment, 
  • Participates in lessons learnt activities, productivity projects… led in the assembly department
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