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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

Compliance with the production program, established by the Logistics area.< • Generate and ensure compliance with standard operating procedures.< • Generation and display of information on boards for the purpose of continuous improvement.< • Administration in floor of the Human resource (follow-up to absences, interviews of absences, TRESS system, permits, disabilities, extra time)< • Develop training plans. (Induction and training)< • Evaluation of staff performance.< • Supervise that personnel develop within the guidelines and policies established by the company.< • Coordinate the activities of changes of rockers required according to the production program.< • Prepare and verify compliance with annual vacation programs.< • Comply and implement the proper functioning of the systems established for continuous improvement (OCR, ideas, POMS activities, etc.)< • Implement programs focused on continuous improvement.< • Filling production control formats, quality, performance and data declaration 100% (good parts, reworked and scrap)< • Control the use of consumable material (gloves, wax pencil, polish, sandpaper, towels, etc.).< • Keep track of the quality results of painted pieces. (FTQ, OEE, Scrap).< • Ensure compliance with the requirements of the Integrated Management System (SGI). (TS-16949, OSHAS, ISO 14000)< • Establish the operation methods that allow to work your personnel in safe environments. (Risk Assestment)< • Implement and maintain the best painting practices marked by the corporate (Paint Assestment).< • Participation with your staff in solving problems.< • Review the compliance and effectiveness of scheduled maintenance.< • Ensure that level 0 and 1 maintenance is performed in your area.< • Assurance of clear and effective communication to the person responsible for the shift
 Support in monitoring compliance with environmental objectives and goals< • Implement 5's maintenance plans and House keeping to keep the line always in good condition< • Coordinate the activities of the area.< • Ensure the declaration of production in existing tools (good, scrap, tests, etc.)< • Maintain and ensure that the flows of products on the work floor are respected.< • Maintain the revision of PPMs to clients, both external and internal.< • Establish the control processes that ensure an effective declaration of production and the variation of inventories.< • Analysis and resolution of painting problems< • Use of statistical tools to support daily activities and problem analysis<

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