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DIVISION Intelligent Exterior Systems

Management MPMs group:

o Recruit, train and follow up new MPMs

o Guarantee the alignment of the competences of the Team to the requirement of the


o Develop competences level thru training and mentoring

o Manage project loading:

Split of activities for their direct reports

Identify needs in Extended team support

Anticipate resources allocation

Anticipate and manage the subcontractors needs

o Guarantee the Project loading activity and the convergence to budget

o Manage the global gross and net cost of the MPM dept for its geographic area

· Industrial scenario and industrialisation of the products in the different Operations locations:

o Manage during AVP process the follow up of procedure

o Guarantee the cost level and hours budget during AVP phases in an optimised way

o Guarantee the Dept commitment at J2 milestones (SOW, Budget Hours and Invest.)

o Guarantee the systematic application of Design for manufacturing rules for the entire team

(MPM and Extended team)

o Manage change of scope of work and perimeter changes

o Guarantee and Report the convergence towards budget, timing and quality level

o Guarantee the application of OPL, Lesson learn and best practices in the respect of the

POMS standard in an industrial point of view

o Capitalise lesson learn and best practice at the end of project and ensure tranversality at a

division level

· Process OPTIMAP MPM:

o Ensure the respect of OPTIMAP Guide lines and the respect of the key metier milestones.

o Propose optimised development tools for the metier to improve performance and quality of


o Support the cascading and application of the entire OPTIMAP MPM process for existing and

new tools to his/her direct team

· Other activities:

o Represent Manufacturing in the Level 3 milestones

o Participate to Launch Readiness events as a support for the MPM of his/her team

o Contribute to the Animation of the MPM network for the division

o Consolidate the MPM Budget in his/her scope of activity

o Report and inform management on the overall MPM in his/her scope of activity

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