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A committed company

Engaged to continuous improvement

In everything we do—from the way we conduct business, to our safety and environmental policies, to the products we build—Plastic Omnium is deeply committed to being a socially responsible company.
We have consistently strived to raise the bar beyond the expected standing when it comes to the well-being of both our workers and our planet.

Plastic Omnium employees know not only that we take their health and safety seriously, but that we are always looking for new ways to reduce the environmental impact of  our operations and create products that contribute to a sustainable future.


People Safety
Plastic Omnium’s safety management system is integrated into every process and activity performed in our facilities, from product design to production lines. One hundred people are part of our healthy and safety network, including senior management and group, division and site managers. Built on a model of continuous improvement, our program has the ultimate goal of totally eliminating workplace accidents and occupational diseases.


Green Products
As part of its commitment to environmentally responsible growth, Plastic Omnium designs « green » solutions for carmakers and communities, including products to make vehicles lighter, reduce polluting emissions, and cut down on waste.